Friday, September 22, 2023

Getting new ideas after my trip to Montreal
getting materials, laces, beads and resin to improve my paintings
September 2023


Some new paintings going to the Copley of Boston Holiday exhibit
Introducing collages and resin in my paintings

December of 2023


Thursday, August 18, 2022

 Grandma Emilia Gebara Yoakim portrait is going to Australia with cousin Paola, after all she was Paola's grandma also and we both look like her a little...I painted two versions of it, the second one still in my studio unfinished.

I was painting this one when I had just recovered from cancer surgery and for a whole year was painting and repainting her face the would not match the 1930 black and white photo I had. Grandma was following my progress from where she is and kept sending me messages that she was not too happy with the results, it did not look exactly like her, till one day exasperated I told her I was doing the best with what I had!!!
( of course I told her this in my mind!)
I only had a very old photo where I could hardly see the lines of her nose!!!
She must have heard me because around that time, my cousin Sandy who lives in Australia sends me a message saying she wants to send me a photo of my grandma from the 1930's who belonged to my now deceased aunt Liliane who was her stepmother..Liliane died almost 20 years ago.
I welcomed that photo with pleasure and here is grandma Emilia looking fantastic with Liliane, Marguerite, and a group of people including Sandy's grandma who was her friend, all of them on a trip to Syria in the 1930's!
After that I could not tell grandma I could not see her face so she kept sending me more photos of her young, this time via Paola in Australia who also got a whole box of Liliane's photos who had been with Sandi's brother all these years!
Now I need to finish her second portrait, I have no more excuses.
I also own another portrait of grandma Emilia in my living room, this one was painted in Egypt in the 30's but cannot rely on it too much since it is another side of her face
One day, after all these efforts, I was walking in my living room, when I explicitly heard grandma's voice in my head and she said to me " I wanted you to have that portrait!" referring to the one from the 1930s that I inherited from my aunt in Egypt.
That message stunned me so much, it was the only time I heard such a message coming from another world.
For all of you who think I am losing it, try being in my place painting a dead grandma who wants her portrait done!
When she met me and I was 11 years old, after we landed in Lebanon after our 8 years in Italy, just before she passed, she said to me, so scared I would not love her looking old and sick, ""You know when I was young, I was a good looking woman!"
I looked at her surprised she could have such thoughts since I loved her anyway.
Now it is my turn to prove to her I really believed her!
Photo below, Grandma Emilia in Alexandria.

Friday, August 12, 2022

 New girls and hats for the summer. Mostly small sizes, 6x 6 inches or 5x5

will bring them to the Greeley park art show 

Silvana and her mom

Maia Daccache

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

  After sending many new paintings of Immigrants to the Bowersock gallery, 

I thought I would take a rest but remembered I had to also send paintings to Lancaster, the Red Raven gallery had sent me many photos of customers I had to paint with my style and the paintings were due to fly there!

Of course it took me many months to complete the task, I had more than 23 people to paint in different settings

Once I sent the paintings, The gallery owner asked me to send some more since the artist who was supposed to share the wall with me had Covid

I did and now waiting for the Exhibit to start in June

In the meantime I had to paint a Commission

The customer wanted her family ancestors which included Jewish, African, Irish and Ctezch people to be included on a boat plus her favorite birds and objects

I decided to include here below the steps I took to paint this late painting..It took me a while to figure it out, work on the composition, colors and make it look interesting

Boston is in the background and fish jumping on the boat

A clock was requested, pumpkins, blue birds, and interesting costumes

so far here are the results!

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

 Many new Paintings of Immigrants were sent to Bowersock gallery for the summer

Here are some of the paintings

 New solo show and Art Exhibit in Lancaster PA at the Red Raven Gallery

The Exhibit will be on June 2022

I was sent photos of many people whom I painted in the past 9 months

It was fun matching their lovely faces with my style of colorful shapes

Here are some of them

Wednesday, May 18, 2022


Current and Recent Exhibits

Spring 2022

Marilene Sawaf
"Past Life Reflections"

Opening April 8, 2022 at 6:00 - 7:30 PM


Lawrence Academy 

Groton Ma

Friday, May 13, 2022

Two paintings selected at the Lassonde juried show of 2022 
in Portsmouth NH
Robert Levy gallery