Thursday, February 26, 2009

Paulina 's portrait in progress

This is a painting of Paulina, my niece. From top to bottom the many stages till the final paintings. It took me a while to get to chose the final background. It is painted with oils on canvas, 16x20"

Six Women and cat painting in oils,30x40"

..I feel the itch to paint although I said last week I will not paint anymore


but I felt moody as if something was missing and yesterday could not help myself from sketching with oil pastel this view of Newburyport on a 30x40 canvas.

We will see what I come up with..softer colors maybe...

Here is a painting titled"Six women, girl and cat " in memory of my cat Simba who died last year. I won the Ezechiel Straw Award for this painting at the Currier museum of Art in 2006.

It is a 30x40 oil painting on canvas

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This is the painting that won the 2008 Georgeopoulos award for drawing at the Currier Museum of Art exhibit which was held at the Art Institute in Manchester, NH

A painting repainted

I did work again on Liz's portrait and now I am satisfied. After erasing that face 50 times and painting it all over again, it looks like Elizabeth ...this is how I learn, by redoing the same thing over and over till I like it.

Varsha and her friends and others

It is time to post some of my newest paintings..I have been painting all winter!