Sunday, September 3, 2017

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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Three new paintings for the season

Well I tried this year
 to paint familiar scenes, not the first one, mind you, that one was inspired from an old Oriental image of two ladies having a conversation in their living room with a servant bringing them tea in the back! ( how lucky!)
 The two other ones below are of Maddy and Carolyn in Roseanne and Kevin's house the day of Christmas. I am happy that I was there that day to shoot some photos to paint, they looked so cute in their similar red and black outfits, in the middle of the decorated house! Roseanne always decorates the house to the max, with ornaments all over, while I am the opposite, I try to do the minimum!

Art Opening at the Bowersock Gallery in June 2017

The Opening was on my birthdate and since Fred was off work that week, we packed and went to the Cape which I had not seen in at least 20 years. We spent the first night at a hotel which, Surprise!, was located on a golf course..I had to feign some surprise but really, I was pretty happy to see Fred going out to play golf in the morning so I could sleep a little bit longer and not have him nudge me out of the bed with words like,  "You need to get up,  exercise, walk, go visit, etc, etc!!!"
 So after he played golf, we went to Provincetown, lodged in the hotel and it just happened that that night it was pouring rain, hailing, windy, stormy and we walked in that pleasant weather to the gallery, located in the middle of the town
 We visited as many galleries as we could on the way and I have to admit, the Bowersock gallery is one of the best in town. Many of the artists are familiar to me, or known, or acquainted, but they are all very professional, artistic and unique...
 Some collectors ventured out of their confort zone to come and visit," Thank you very much for getting your shoes wet or much more"

Hanging artwork in the Sunapee tent in Sunapee for the Craftsmen art exhibit this week!!!

After a whole morning of driving, huffing and puffing at the fair, things are starting to look good for tomorrow, the first day of the Opening...Here is Hsiu hanging using a tape measure, and the other artists working, including David Zerba and Joe Reardon...