2-PORTRAITS. Commissions accepted

Madeline.She was aged two in this painting.It is a 16x20 inches oil painting on canvas

Hande, OIL PAINTING,  8X10. 

Anne, oil 16x20

Madeline with white flowered dress, OIL 16x20

Melissa. Oil 16x20

Madeline in living room. Acrylic gouache

Rachel, 16x20, Oil

Liz, 16x20, OIL

Jeanne in Kennebunk, acrylic on board, 14x18

Liz and Eric, OIL 24x36

                 Hsiu and the red fan, OIL 30x40

Ruth, OIL 24x30

                                                              Delaney, OIL, 20x16"

                                                 Melissa, profile, OIL 16x20

Paulina, OIL, 16x20


                                            Carol and Hubert on sun filled deck, OIL, 24x30

 Toni and her cats, OIL, 16x20

                             Princess Madeline, Acrylic gouache on paper, 22x28

 Liz Combing Madeline, OIL, 24x36

Blonde girl with flowers , oil 11x14