Monday, March 9, 2009

first painting of the 1990's, a lady and a parrott

One of my first "ladies painting" painted in the early 90's. I don' t remember who bought it..

My Sammy

Here is Sammy in another picture..

He is waiting to steal the pizza...

My "Rooster in the Midst" painting is published in the Sunday Telegraph..

The Sunday Telegraph published my painting of the Rooster in the Midst today. It was  painted with Nita Casey's image of her rooster . you can see my cat Sammy waiting to steal food.

this is why he is so fat!

New Jersey shore, Ocean City beach painting

ok..this painting was at the Currier museum of Art this has a modern feeling of the beach and all those colored umbrellas on the New Jersey shore where I spent one week this summer with Fred and his family. It is painted with oils on a 30x40 canvas.