Monday, January 21, 2013

Award from the Copley Society of Art in Boston

Award at the Copley Society of Art
The Arrival. 8x10 on board

Dear Marilene,

Congratulations! You have been granted an award of merit for your work The Arrival currently on display in Small Works: Sterling.

The Copley Society of Art has recently established the “Award of Merit” for small works that are of exceptional quality and skill. Chosen by the Copley Society Art Committee, outstanding Small Works will be acknowledged based on the professionalism of presentation, technique, composition, and style. Receiving 3 Awards of Merit from Small Works shows will be the equivalent of being selected for one juried show, and will therefore be beneficial to artists interested in advancing from Associate to Full Artist Member, or from Full Artist Member to the esteemedCopley Artist. Awards are given out quarterly, before the opening of each new Small Works exhibit.

Congratulations again on your achievement, and we look forward to seeing you in the gallery soon.