House and flowers. Oil 16x20
Blue shade.Oil 24x30

Farms. Oil 24"x30"

House and flowers on the coast.Oil.24x30

Pink house and white flowers. Oil 18"x24"

Prescott Park, gouache on paper small

                                                                     Newburyport, oil on masonite, 8"x10"

Portsmouth old bridge in the summer.Oil 11"x14"  SOLD

Prescott Park Oil on masonite.8"x10"Sold

Ogunquit rocks. Oil. 24"x30"

Another view of the Marginal way. Oil. 24"x30"

Newburyport OIL 16x20

                                              Tulips in Pennsylvania  oil 16x20

Ogunquit boats   16x20 oil

Farms  oil   18x24( from the 1980's)

Houses   20x24  oil

Newburyport flowers 16x20 oil

Farms   16x20 oil

Boats  in Ogunquit  8x10 oil

OIL GArden    24x30

Tulip garden in Pennsylvania

Bats and sea   OIL  24x30

Garden view  24x30  oil

House and Flowers  OIL 24x30

Vevey Switzerland  oil 16x20

The beach  oil 24x30  

Cape houses OIL 24x30 

Hollis view  oil 24x30

Ogunquit view  OIL 24x30

Portsmouth oil 24x36 

House and Flowers 2    oil 24x30

French town   OIL 24x30

Dusk   OIL 24x30  

Newburyport   OIL 24x30

Portsmouth houses   OIL 24x30

Winter Scene   OIL 24x30

Flowers OIL 24x30

Marginal Way  OIL 24x30

Newburyport and bench  OIL 24x30

Newburyport and bench 2  OIL 24x30

Field of flowers   OIL 24x30

Ogunquit boats 16x20 OIL

Harrisville town  OIL 11x14

Vevey walk   OIL 16x20

Newburyport   Oil 16x20

House and Flowers  16x20  OIL

House and Flowers  16x20 oil

Portsmouth town  oil 16x20

Flowers and house  oil 16x20

The Mills in Nashua  oil 11x14

Flowers in Newburyport  oil 16x20

OIL The sea view  16x20

Secret garden
OIL 16x20

Boats   OIL 16x20