Thursday, September 22, 2011

Art Consulting

Art consulting sessions by Marilene Sawaf and Jacqui Hawk

 Did you ever get to the point in your career of an artist where you wished you would do more to market yourself  but don't know where to start?
 Taking pictures of your paintings, work on these pictures to make them computer ready, start blogs and maintains blogs are all skills that are invaluable to today's artists.
 Also finding galleries, knowing how to approach these galleries, what to send and not to send, how to frame or how to mat a painting, what is in vogue and not in vogue in the Art World, all this information is important if you want to make it as a successful  artist.
 We will talk about resumes, personal statements and organizing newspapers clips.
 There is also all kind of information about Associations and which ones are the best for you..
 Also many artists go into too many directions, they don't know where to focus  and what to disregard in their  creations. They need guidance and encouragement..
 Another big issue is how to contact newspapers, create publicity for yourself using Facebook, magazines, newspapers,Twitter, Google and newsletters
 For help in all these issues, Jacqui  Hawk and myself  are starting a  small consulting business for artists.We would give lessons on all these issues or would do the work for the artist if they are  too busy to do it themselves..We would follow them to their openings, take pictures or videos of their paintings and edit them.
 We would upload them to their  personal blogs or send the PR to newspapers.
 We would be available to meet privately or in a group.
In the past 30 years, along with painting full time, I did a lot of volunteering in the Art World including the  Publicity, the Demos and the Historian  for the  Nashua Artists Association. I organized 50 years of Art History for their books.
 I now manage this blog and many others for myself, professional galleries and artists.
 .During my career as an artist, I joined many association and exhibited in Museums where I was awarded prestigious awards. I also joined many  top galleries among which the  the Copley Society of Boston.
 It just dawned on me that I could share this journey of mine with other artists.
 Jacqui Hawk is also an accomplished artist who has been doing a tremendous amount of marketing and gathers great crowds thanks to her positive energy and charisma.
 For more information, you can reach me at or 603-4652013 or
 Fee: $30 per hour for consulting or $25 per hour for blog work..