family events 2011

2011, Kaitlyn, John and Eric

my friends Pong and Hisu at the 263 Art gallery

Albine , Hisu, myself and Bruce at another opening

 in my paintings
An opening with George and the gang

Pong and Myself at teh Hungtigton art show

at 263 Art Gallery, Hisu, Pong and Jacqui

Pong, myself and  Albine

visiting Fred's parents in Lancaster, PA

with Fred's parents and sister Janet

with my friend Jacqui at the Grace  ART Opening

At Martha Munroe's Art Opening

with all my friends at the Grace Art Opening

Eric and Brandon pouring leaves on William

Liz and William

Clark family resting

Liz resting in my house while Joey cries because William pulled his hair, William looks guilty

kids playing

putting my dad in the car, a huge operation


Eric and Gilbert

my father under his mom's gaze

mother eating in the kitchen

my studio, Merryll resting

Pat and Hsiu working with me


my parents at Monique's barbecue

Dad Nicolas, 91

mom Janine, 50 she says

3 generations later

Brandon and Gilbert

Madeline's birthday at Roseanne

William and great grandma

At Roseannes'

Eric and William

At Roseannes' for Madeline's party

Roseanne and Kevin

Varsha and I

William escapes from his nap at the beach

boat tour with the Clarks

our new addition to the family, Rusty

Fred and I in Montreal


Jacqueline, Gloria and Fred in Montreal

Mont Royal Church

Vieux Montreal

Montreal by nigth


Varsha at Chahuly exhibit at the museum of Fine Arts in Boston

the ceilings made of glass

Chahuly Exhibit at the MFA, gardens of glass

Fred in Boston, at the Museum of Fine Arts

a visit from Maira and family I had not seen in 45 years

in Lancaster County with Fre's parents

Youmna visits


Madeline and her Art Opening

Madeline's graduation

Maddy on the horse

Fred in Porstmouth

in Porstmouth taking a horse tour

the Turks

my neighborhood

my neighbour

the Clark family goes to Church

MAdeline posing for me

 Easter with Madeline
Liz with William sleeping

Brandon, Maddy, Paulina and William



baby William waiting to be Baptized

baby William Baptism

Madelina in the Nutcracker

Art show in Amherst for 4 th of july

in my yard

/Madeline painting in my studio

Christiane and Joseph visiting from South Dakota, holding baby William